When it comes to gift-giving, memory lamps may not be the first thought that comes to mind. But why is that? And what do memory lamps offer that is unique and special? At Reflections by Claudia, we are known as the ‘originator of the memory lamp’. This post discusses the reasons behind memory lamps and why they are meaningful gift options for any occasion.


When you search for a gift to honor the memory of a loved one, you don’t want just anything. Memory lamps exist to provide a lasting, permanent reminder of a loved one or pet. The detailed craftsmanship that goes into memory lamps have the highest level of care and unique visual quality. Many memory lamp designs have rich historical roots as well. For example, our collection of night lights from The Porcelain Garden offer lithophane designs first established in the 19th century.

Memory lamps are a gift that lasts and provides practical and aesthetic functions. When you are grieving a loved one, flowers and food only last so long. A lamp gives off a comforting glow that reminds you of your loved one and the person who gave it for years to come. Memory lamps also make unique heirloom gifts as well.


When it comes to sympathy and bereavement gifts, memory lamps make excellent alternatives to a bouquet of flowers. However, there are other reasons and situations why people buy memory lamps. These include sports fans, anniversaries, birthdays, and even workplace camaraderie. Memory lamps are a unique, thoughtful, and practical gift idea for almost any occasion or situation.

Curious about the kinds of memory lamps we offer at Reflections by Claudia? Here are some examples.


Are you or someone an avid Boston sports fan? Our collection of sports-themed gift lamps are perfect. Choose from beautifully crafted accent lamps complete with a Patriots, Red Sox, or Bruins logo.


Looking for something classically ornate and functional? Our Tiffany-style lamps merge the beautiful stained-glass aesthetic with designs to fit almost any room or environment. These lamps are ideal for remembrance and bereavement scenarios, but also are an excellent choice as a housewarming gift.


What is more comforting than the soft glow of light during the night? Night lights are a wonderful gift idea to celebrate a new baby, housewarming, or even a birthday. Of course, they are also perfect as a special and unique sympathy gift to remember a loved one. The night light collections by Ibis and Orchid and The Porcelain Garden each offer stunning designs to bring a comforting glow to any space.


Memory lamps, in whatever form, are meaningful and beautiful gift ideas for any occasion. Don’t forget that each gift you buy comes with a personalized note and gift wrapping! Shop our collections either in-store or on our website.