Memory lamps are the perfect solution for a thoughtful and comforting present if you are struggling to buy a bereavement gift for your loved ones or friends. Memory lamps shine a light on those who are grieving and help remind them of the many years and memories made with their passed-on loved one. Memory lamps are a unique and meaningful gift; with so many to choose from, you will find the perfect piece. 

Memory Lamps Are Timeless

Each of our memory lamps is high-quality and timeless, so they can last for many generations. They have time-tested and loved designs and can easily fit into any home. 

Each Piece Is Unique and Beautiful

Each curated piece is carefully handcrafted for a unique, beautiful, high-quality look and functionality. 

Memory Lamps Illuminate Lasting Memories

Each lamp provides love, compassion, and warmth that the recipient can see and feel every time they turn their lamp on. 

How To Pick a Memory Lamp

If you are shopping for a memory lamp but not sure which one is right for your gift, we always welcome you to come into the store and see everything firsthand. That way, you can ask questions and see each lamp, to help you pick the perfect one. However, if you prefer to shop online, we have a little guide to help you pick the perfect lamp.

While our memory maps are versatile and timeless, finding one that matches the style of the person you are buying the gift for is a great first step to finding the right lamp. We offer Tiffany-style lamps, hand-painted lamps, mission style, and more, so there are plenty of styles and options to choose from. 

Here are a few other questions you can ask yourself when shopping for a bereavement lamp: 

What is the Purpose or Intended Objective of the Lamp?

Are you buying this gift as a bereavement present for a passed-on father or friend? What did they love? What were their favorite colors or designs? 

What Type of Lamp Fits the Person or the Space?

Think about their home decor, the way they like their space, and their tastes. Do they like brighter, cheerful decor or a more neutral, understated design? 

What Price Fits your Budget or Intention?

Consider your budget and intentions. Maybe you buy a big Tiffany-style lamp or something more simple and timeless like an accent lamp.

These questions will help guide your buying process and decipher which lamp is the right fit for the gift. Give yourself a little time to dive a little deeper into the likes and style of the gift recipient, and the loved one to whom you are dedicating the lamp to. 

While you might feel some pressure to pick the perfect one, the truth is each lamp, and its intention is a beautiful way to help your family and friends remember a loved one who has passed, so there is no wrong answer. We have many unique options for you to choose from and we also include a beautiful card with every purchase as a lovely way to personalize your gift.  

If you need a little help selecting a memory lamp, we are happy to help. Feel free to stop by so we can support your shopping experience.