For so many of us, pets are a member of our family. They provide companionship, affection, and love. During these days of social isolation due to COVID-19, these benefits are invaluable. That’s why we understand that losing a pet is beyond devastating. The grief is real, and we know that nothing replaces your beloved pet. However, there are ways to remember them that are meaningful and beautiful.


As the popular saying goes, “pictures say a thousand words”. This is especially true of your memories with a loved one, including a pet. Pictures are invaluable for anyone mourning the loss of a loved one. Even though most people have easy access to photos on their phones these days, there’s something special about keeping a framed picture (or several) in your home or office. A beautiful wooden frame, complete with a special message in honor of your furry friend’s memory, would make a wonderful bereavement gift for yourself or someone else who has lost a pet.


Did you spend a lot of time outdoors with your dog? If so, what better way to honor their memory than outside décor? Consider investing in a memorial stepping stone for your garden, yard, or even near your front door as a way to keep your pet’s memory close by. Stepping stones are a unique gift because they allow you to keep your dog’s memory alive in a peaceful way. This is especially true if you and your pet enjoyed many memories on hikes, walks, or even just relaxing time outside. Although nothing can replace your dog, a stepping stone can help bridge the gap between the grief and the steps of life ahead.


There’s nothing more beautiful or stirring than music. When it comes to grief, this is all the more important. Although it might not seem like an obvious choice, a wind chime is a wonderful gift to honor the loss of a pet. After all, it’s often the normal moments – like sitting outside on a warm summer evening – that can trigger waves of grief. A wind chime, like our Woodstock Dog chime, features a dog’s image on the windcatcher and a tune that symbolizes the love and faithfulness of your dog’s memory. We also carry a similar chime for cats if you or someone you know lost a beloved feline friend.


If you or someone you know has recently lost a pet, we understand the pain and grief that this causes. Feel free to call, visit, or browse our online store for more ideas on how to honor the memory of your furry friend or any other loved one.