Losing someone you love is unimaginable pain and finding ways to keep their memory alive and honor them is a beautiful way to move through the healing process and stay connected to them. If you are missing someone special, here are some ways you can honor them and remember your loved one who has passed on through special traditions, giving, and other unique ways. 

Donate To A Cause They Loved

One way to honor a loved one is to donate to a cause they felt passionate about. Maybe that’s helping local schools, animal shelters, or other organizations. In addition, you can contribute in their name to memorialize them. 

Host A Dinner In Their Honor

Pick a special event that celebrates a holiday like their birthday or mothers day, and get a group of close friends and family together to celebrate. This can be a yearly occurrence to help keep their memory alive and get everyone together to celebrate their loved one. 

Create A Memory Box

Memory boxes are an excellent way for children to remember a passed-on loved one or anyone who wants to keep memories and objects close to them. Memory boxes allow you to hold and touch items that belonged to your loved ones and feel more connected to them. 

Decorate Special Places

If your loved one had a special place they loved, like their garden, you can visit there frequently and even decorate to honor them. For example, you can get crystal chimes to play beautiful sounds in the wind or a garden angel to connect with them. 

Create A Special Tradition

Creating a special tradition is another way you can memorialize your loved one. Is there a game they loved? Favorite food or restaurant? You could start these traditions on their birthday or the anniversary of their death to celebrate them and keep the memories alive. 

Write A Letter

You can write a letter to your loved one, especially if you feel like you still have things you want to tell them. This is an excellent way to express yourself and share your feelings through words. In addition, this method will help you feel closure as you get all of your thoughts and feelings out on paper. 

Get A Cremation Necklace 

If your loved one was cremated, you could get a cremation necklace to hold them close to you. These necklaces hold a small portion of their ashes close to your heart. 

Losing someone you love is extremely hard, but we hope these different ways to remember a loved one who has passed will help you feel more connected as you move through the healing process. Keeping their memory alive is very important and will help you feel closer to them as you honor your memories together.