While the holidays can be a time of great joy, they can also be a reminder of lost loved ones. So many are grieving this holiday season, and showing your support and understanding is essential to their healing process. Here are a few ways to support your friends and family who are missing a loved one this year.

Be Understanding

If someone is grieving, they might not be up for Christmas parties and big dinners. Try to be understanding and don’t pressure them to attend. If you notice they are declining most invitations, bring them a home-cooked meal, a special gift, offer to go out to coffee with them, bring them a thoughtful gift, or just come over for some tea. While they might not be up for big events, having one person they can lean on and talk to can make a big difference. 

Be A Great Listener

Sometimes we just need to feel heard and seen. We need a safe space to express our sadness, concerns, and struggles. So maybe your friend or family member needs an extra ear this year. Someone who will listen, offer support, and give them a safe space to land. So give them a call, set up a lunch date, or whatever else they feel comfortable with. This can be the greatest gift in times of grieving. 

Make A Little Extra For Them

Are you an expert Christmas cookie baker? Or are your home-cooked meals full of comfort? When cooking this holiday, make a little extra. Sometimes, it can be hard to find the time or desire to cook for yourself when someone is grieving. This is a great way to help them out and do so in a way that isn’t intrusive. They will love the thought, and of course the tasty meal. 

Give Them A Memorial Gift

While traditional gifts are always nice, consider gifting something more personal. For example, memory lamps are a wonderful gift to commemorate a loved one. They are unique, personal, and comforting. You can also give them a keepsake box, ornament, or a music box. These gifts have a more intimate feel and can offer comfort during the holidays. 

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