The importance of knowing and understanding our customers cannot be overstated. Everything we do at Reflections by Claudia is motivated by how we relate to and know you, and the ways that life affects you daily. We love being part of every experience, whether it’s to grieve alongside or celebrate with you. If you’re a new customer or want to learn more about what we do and why we do it, read on.


The core goal of our online and physical location is to provide gifts for any and every circumstance. Gone are the days of big box store gifts. We understand that everyone who shops at Reflections is not the same. Our customers are all unique and shop for everything from wedding gifts to remembrance of a beloved pet. What works for one person may not work for another, simply because the circumstances are different. We want you to feel comfortable and inspired to find a gift for a friend, family member, or even yourself.


An important way we are different from big box stores and your average gift shop is that we value the personal experiences of our customers. For this reason, we offer individually written cards and gift wrapping options for our products. We want you and your recipients to feel that every step in the process is built with love and care. Our personalized cards are just an example of that. The custom factor of these cards directly relates to our communication with our customers. We seek to understand the personalized aspects of why you decide to shop with us and incorporate that into both our product selection and the card and wrapping process. We hope and aim to provide a memorable and unique experience from beginning to end.


The products we offer reflect the way we view our customers: unique, special, and valuable. From nightlights to memory lamps, we carry uniquely crafted items that you can’t find in a big box store. Many of these are handcrafted and can be tailored to your personal needs, in addition to our card service. We strive for excellence in service and the quality of the product lines we offer. Our commitment to the most beautiful and uniquely crafted items means that you can have confidence shopping with us for any of your needs. Excellent customer service is always tied, in part, to stellar products, and that’s why we’re so proud of the products we carry.


When you shop at Reflections by Claudia, every part of the experience matters, from browsing to final delivery. Visit our store or shop online today. We look forward to helping you find the perfect gift for any situation backed with excellent service and care every step of the way.