Dacia Dragonfly Tiffany Accent Lamp

$ 95.00

12″H X 5″W

25 watt candelabra bulb

Dale Tiffany

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The Dacia Dragonfly Tiffany Accent Lamp features the bold colors.

The green and red colors of this lamp are rich, classic and elegant.
The shade is slightly more muted than in the photograph, however, it still creates a distinctive glow.
It has a dark background with red dragonflies.

The deep cone shade features a background of variegated amber art glass pieces that are set in a slate pattern. Dragonflies around the shades bottom feature bright red bodies, t wings and red glass gem eyes.   The metal base is finished in Antique Brass with a floral detailing on the pedestal.  The Dacia Dragonfly Tiffany Accent is guaranteed to provide your family with lighting enjoyment because of the soft light.



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Weight 6 lbs

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