Do you own your own business and manage staff? Work in an office with several employees? Even despite the restrictions from Covid-19 this year, chances are you have needed to come up with a great gift for someone.

Perhaps it’s been for sympathy due to illness or a death. Or maybe you celebrated a coworker’s wedding. Gift giving is a big part of showing someone you care, and arguably is more important now than it ever was. But what are some ways, other than sympathy or celebratory circumstances, that you can incorporate gift giving into your office environment in a meaningful and authentic way? This post explores some practical ideas you can implement right away.


What better way to incorporate a unique gift giving experience into the workplace like honoring an employee on their work anniversary? If your place of employment doesn’t have a program that honors and remembers staff on the anniversary of their beginning at the workplace, consider starting one! It’s a great way to encourage and acknowledge your employees and/or coworkers. Need some ideas on fun, unique items to give to your employees on their anniversary that isn’t a gift card? Shop our whole collection of items in several different categories for inspiration.


Do you have a team of employees who work well together? Honor their efforts with a fun, creative or unique collaborative gift. Whether it’s something special to add to the office or individual pieces, team-based gifts stand out from standard celebratory options. Consider finding a common interest or theme for inspiration when shopping for gifts. For example,  do your employees love Boston sports? A Red Sox, Bruins or Patriots team accent lamp  could spruce up your office in a fun way while also boosting team morale.


Another way to incorporate gift giving in the workplace is through incentive and reward programs. If you own a business, this might look like offering time off certificate as a response to exceeding job-related goals. You could also combine this with more tangible options like gift cards to express gratitude for your coworker’s efforts.

In addition to goals and incentives, there is something to be said for marking important events in an employee’s life, like a wedding, birth of a baby, or a funeral. Keep traditional gift giving events in mind on top of other options like incentives, team gifts, and work anniversaries, rather than assuming a wedding or baby shower is the only time to give a thoughtful gift.


Looking for a unique gift to honor your employee or coworkers? Shop online or stop by our location today to find the perfect item for a baby shower, bereavement, or anything in between. Get inspired today!