When you want to comfort a grieving loved one – or yourself – with a special gift, what comes to mind? A bouquet of flowers? Although flowers are a lovely gift, there are other kinds of unique, and special bereavement gifts available.

Read on to discover four unique bereavement gifts to remember your loved ones instead of flowers.


“A picture is worth a thousand words” as the old saying goes. This is especially true for anyone who loses a loved one. A beautiful picture frame captures a precious moment while adding a unique character that honors them for years to come. Our picture frames help you remember your human and pet loved ones in a timeless way. There are several styles to match your decor preferences in addition to honoring your loved one’s memory.


Is there anything more comforting than the soft glow of light in the midst of darkness? Remember your loved one with a choice from our collection. With beautiful designs and unique themes, night lights are especially useful for grieving children. Night lights are a bereavement gift that offers a calming presence in the midst of grief.


If you want a physical everyday reminder of your loved one, a stepping stone is an excellent choice. Choose a custom-made stepping stone with a personalized inscription or shop our collection of beautiful designs to put your loved one’s memory in stone. Stepping stones are an especially unique gift for grieving pet owners that resist and withstand weather and harsh conditions.


A timeless, classic bereavement gift alternative to flowers, a music box provides a lovely space to honor your loved one. Keep special mementos in the interior of the box. The exterior of our music boxes display beautiful artwork, which you can replace with photographs for greater personalization. The special music that accompanies each box adds something truly special to this bereavement gift idea.


Like night lights, accent lamps bring beauty and warmth during the difficult time of bereavement and beyond. Choose from dozens of different styles to match any decor preference and honor your loved one’s memory with a unique gift that does not perish over time. Accent lights offer you the beauty of timeless decor with a non-traditional and practical way to remember your loved one.


We hope that this list inspires you to give something truly unique and special to yourself or a grieving loved one during a time when you need it most. If you are local, we continue to offer

curbside pickup during these uncertain times, in addition to shipping our products all over the world at www.reflectionsbyclaudia.com. We look forward to the time when we can welcome our customers back into our showroom. If you have any questions, please call us at 413-526-9792.