If you love to spend a lot of time in your backyard, memorializing a loved one can be a special way to make your garden more intimate. We have many stepping stones and beautiful garden angels that are the perfect way to connect with your loved one. It’s also an amazing idea to plant their favorite flower or plant outside to honor them. As you spend more time outside, here are a few ways you can pay tribute to your loved ones and create a special space to reflect on your memories with them. Here is our backyard memorial guide to help you remember those you love in a special way.

Plant New Flowers 

New flowers and shrubs are always a great way to brighten up your backyard and remember a loved one. Some of the best flowers to add in the summer are marigolds, zinnias, hibiscus, and blanket flowers. Look up the flowers that will thrive in your area and set aside some time for a gardening day! These days, there are so many options, like above-ground gardens or even enjoying your own small greenhouse. Get creative and fill your backyard with lots of color and the beautiful smell of flowers. If you have a passed loved one with a green thumb, plant one of their favorite flowers or plants to pay tribute. That way, every time you look outside, you can remember them. 

Add Memorial Decor

We have many items in our garden collection that will add beauty and joy to your backyards, like this gorgeous goldfinch birdbath or this garden angel. We love how special a memorial item can be in your garden, and we also carry stepping stones and beautiful wind chimes to memorialize your loved one. If you would like to add a monument of sorts to your backyard, we have many garden gifts and decor items you can choose from, so feel free to stop by in-store or visit our garden collection online!

Gifts For The Gardener In Your Life

If you have a friend or family member that loves gardening, our garden collection can be a special bereavement gift for them. We have beautiful wind chimes, garden angels, stepping stones, and birdbaths that can support their grief journey by offering them a special item to place in their garden. We often seek solace and comfort in our gardens, and this will give them a unique way to connect with their loved ones. 

Summer is a time to bring warmth and comfort into your space, and we hope this guide will give you some ideas to remember those you love and enjoy the summer celebrating them and your beautiful connection with nature.