5 Gift Ideas For A Grieving Friend (That Aren’t Flowers)

When a friend is grieving a loved one, the first thing that comes to mind many times is flowers. But let’s be honest: as beautiful as flowers are, they are overdone. Not only that, but they also don’t last long even in the best of circumstances. There are several other choices you have when it comes to finding a unique and special gift for your grieving friend or family member. Here are 5 gift ideas.


Photos can stop time and enjoy the memory of a friend or loved one. Instead of flowers, gift your friend with a classic, vintage frame for a special place to keep a favorite photo of their loved one. For pet owners who have lost their furry family member, consider our pet picture frame complete with “Always Remembered, Forever Loved” messaging.


The nights can be sad and lonely for someone who is grieving. Instead of giving flowers that fade before the week is out, a nightlight is both functional and special. At Reflections by Claudia, we have a large collection of nightlights that are beautifully sculpted and designed. Some unique options include curved panel designs by Porcelain Garden.


Is there anything as soothing as hearing the wind through the breeze? You can make this experience even more special by surprising your friend with a wind chime in honor of their loved one. This gift idea is a powerful way to keep the memory of a loved one around whenever the wind blows. Choose from several different musical options and designs. Each wind chime is crafted with detail and care to make this option that much more special.


At Reflections by Claudia, we are probably most known for our collection of memory lamps. That’s because these lamps are perfect gifts for any occasion – but especially as a bereavement option. Our collection has something for every occasion and design, including accent and table lamps. These lamps offer functionality to give light to any room but you can also choose from unique décor and design options.


Similar to a wind chime, music boxes can trigger powerful memories with a simple item. If you want a timeless gift idea that is bound to warm your grieving friend’s heart, a music box is both unique and thoughtful. Choose from handcrafted music boxes with built-in beloved sympathy tunes like “Amazing Grace”, “Wind Beneath My Wings”, and more.

We hope this article shows that flowers are not the only sympathy gift you can give a grieving friend or family member. Delight your loved one with any of the curated bereavement gifts from Reflections by Claudia. Remember that all of our products come with free gift wrapping and a personalized message. Shop in person at our East Longmeadow location or online. We look forward to helping you find the perfect gift for your friends, family members, or even yourself.